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Being a charity, we always welcome your donations, however, above all else, through working with Bradford’s young people for over 150 years, we understand that the main reason why we have managed to achieve so much is because of the work we have done in partnership with other organisations - whether it's through other agencies providing complementary services to help the young people move forwards or commercial companies giving us the use of their skills and resources in order to enable us to broaden our scope.

What can we do together?

A partnership with Bradford YMCA could bring you fulfilling, tangible and lasting business benefits, enabling you to build on your reputation as a socially responsible company and helping us function more affectively. We actively encourage companies to engage with us in team building opportunities and pro-bono support where possible.

Team Building Opportunities

There are many benefits of partnering up with us - from our Trade Takeover (which gives teams the opportunity to put their creativity, innovation and team building skills to the test by taking over a YMCA charity shop for a day to find out who can raise the most money) to a day out changing landscapes with the BEES team, working hard to make a physical difference to the areas where we live in Bradford.

Two companies that have recently become involved with us are Santander, who worked at the community orchard, getting ready for Apple Day, and Sainsbury's, who helped out at Greengates Primary School, improving the school grounds.

Pro-Bono Support

Your organisation could support us by providing pro-bono services, such as legal advice, marketing and design expertise or facilities for corporate hospitality events. The kinds of people that are currently helping with our work are Xpand Marketing, who designed our shop vinyl, and Jury’s Inn, who have accommodated some of our meetings.

By working with us, your team learn new skills, face new challenges and get to felt pride in knowing that they've made something happen. Please let us know if you have any time, services or resources that could help!