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Carry On, Prince’s Trust Team 75!

Having received more information from Kelly, the team leader, we are happy to present you with another update!

Since the end of the last update, Team have successfully completed their work placements (for the most part) across a range of organisations – Oxfam, YMCA England, Bradford Community Broadcasting (BCB), InCommunities, HFT, Hunters Estate Agents, Candelisa People, Eclipse Medical Solicitors, St. Mary’s New Horizons Care in the Community and Bradford Works.

They are currently on week 9, preparing for their next steps. Guest volunteers from The Prince’s Trust delivered CV preparation and interview techniques, as well as Paula Denison coming in and running an enterprise session (for self employment), etc. They also had a variety of guest speakers in the social work arena, input from outdoor/adventure careers and Duke of Edinburgh Award information. Additionally, the Job Centre hosted mock interviews. With all of this information still buzzing in their heads, all Team members are taking the time to hopefully finalise their aims for after the programme is finished.

Check out our Facebook page for more information regarding the final presentation on April 10th!

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Prince’s Trust Team 75 – Time for an Update

This is a little overdue and we are currently awaiting further information from Team leader, Kelly, but things seem to have been progressing rather well for Prince’s Trust Team 75.

Week 1 saw a lot of introductory elements – energisers, icebreakers and the team enrolled at the college. They also spent the time planning for their Residential, including menu planning and ordering in everything that they were going to need. At this point, they were all introduced to their portfolios, which are a major part of achieving their qualification at the end of the project. They all defined their hopes, fears and support needs, discussed the skills they already have and the targets they wanted to work to, such as communication and timekeeping. This week was their first proper chance to meet everyone else in the team and initially get to know the staff (team leader, Kelly, alongside other provisional members of staff, Issaq and Liane) that would be supporting them throughout the course of the twelve weeks.

Their residential week was week 2. It was a chance for the team to really glue together early on, making for a great foundation for the hard work they were going to face in the weeks that followed. During the week, they hung around on the indoor climbing wall, did some orienteering and abseiling as well as learning and using Morse code. They also participated in low and high rope courses, an obstacle course and the team swing… All in the snow! They spent the week cooking all of their own meals as well as consciously reviewing their own development, as well as the development of each other.

Team’s community project organisation started in week 3. They had a fantastic response to publicity materials, having to shortlist an unprecedented amount of potential community projects (an impressive 26 in total!). Throughout this process, the young people and staff visited the projects that were shortlisted, and continued to weigh up the community benefits as well as the overall advantages and disadvantages.

The young people worked on and completed said community project throughout weeks 4 to 6 – at the present time, we have not had the okay to state the name of the organisation, but we will certainly fill this gap when we do! Team made a great effort in cleaning and making the property homely, a place that had lain empty for a year. They also partook in a lot of gardening for the benefit of women suffering mental health issues.

During this time, Team received a lot of outside support – a £150 donation from Cooperative Funeral Care for bedding and resources, Morrison Utility Service provided waste disposal service free of charge (getting rid of a lot of rubbish in and around the house and garden), and family and friends of Team donated £48 to the fundraising effort towards canvasses and paints for Team to create inspiring artwork. There was a lot of other support as well, credit being presented on the final presentation invitation, which will be issued soon.

The Team are now at the start of week 9. Expect more updates in the near future, alongside the final presentation invitation!

Posted by Bradford YMCA Admin on Monday, 17 March @ 13:45

Prince’s Trust Team Programme: Final Week and Final Thoughts

The young people had a successful meeting with Prism Deaf Group and followed it up with a very successful Christmas event! The event was held on Wednesday 11th December.

Presentation wise, they decorated the hall with lots of “sparkly, lovely things” (Liane) and covered the place in balloons for everyone to play with. They opened up with event with a Zumba style warm up. They had a few stalls running different, little activities – face painting, teddy tombola (where everyone was a winner!), pin the nose on Rudolph and arts and crafts. Following the stalls, the young people had organised a variety of games – pass the parcel, musical statues, a conga line and limbo dancing. They also had a surprise visit from Santa, who was there to give presents to the group. This was all topped off with a selection of food. A great evening was had by all and the staff in attendance were impressed with how everything came together.

Team held their final presentation at West Bowling Youth Centre, where they had previously completed a community project of redecorating the café area. The community centre kindly donated refreshments and buffer for the presentation.

The group did exceptionally well and highlighted their achievements, skills developed and their future plans.

“They were a credit to themselves and the programme.” ~ Kelly

We wish Team 74 well in their future ventures and look forward to seeing what Team 75 can do when they start on Monday 20th January!

For more information regarding recruitment sessions for Team 75, please download our flyer below.

Recruitment Sessions flyer

Posted by Bradford YMCA Admin on Monday, 6 January @ 11:30

Week 9 of the Prince’s Trust Team Programme

It is now week 9 in the Prince’s Trust Programme for our Team 74. They have recently completed their work placements and have had positive feedback from all of the companies that provided the placements – all but one young person successfully completed the placement aspect of the course and there are potential future opportunities with two of the companies.

The team have successfully completed their community project at the West Bowling Community Centre (there will be pictures to follow on Facebook), work that will be viewable at the Final Presentation on Tuesday 17th December between 1pm and 2:30pm as the presentation will be held within the centre itself.

Check out the Final Presentation invitation!

The young people are hoping to meet with the Prism Deaf Group in order to discuss their requirements for a Christmas party for the young people and their siblings who attend the group. This will give the team a different opportunity of working together, bringing in a different kind of planning aspect.

We continue to wish them all the best in their ventures!

Posted by Bradford YMCA Admin on Wednesday, 27 November @ 12:00

Curtain Call for Studio Y!

Well done to everyone who took part in Studio Y October 2013. This week’s holiday activity was great fun, with a range of young people coming together at the Bradford Alhambra Theatre – who we would like to thank for providing us with the opportunity to use their Studio Theatre for the week and final performance.

The group was led throughout the week by Tom from the Touring Consortium Theatre Company (TCTC). Thirteen young people attended during the week, with eleven performing on Wednesday evening. Tom helped the troupe put together a short piece, based around TCTC’s production of “To Sir, With Love”, which they called “A School Day”. Their piece spanned a delightful A to Z list of the average school day, with a lot of visual comedy thrown in for good measure.

Next week, the group will be heading back to the Alhambra in order to see TCTC’s full production of “To Sir, With Love”.

Keep an eye out for next year’s Studio Y activities!

Posted by Bradford YMCA Admin on Friday, 1 November @ 10:30

Things are going great for PTT!

It is now half term and a quick catch up with Liane (who is presently helping to lead the Prince’s Trust Team) makes it sound like Team 74 are getting a very well deserved break! After a bit of a slow start, Team has definitely managed to pick up the pace very well since.

Week 2 saw them participating in a week-long residential, with the support of the Eclipse team. It may seem unusual for a fresh faced team to have to partake in something like this, but the idea was to bring everyone to the same level (out of their comfort zone) in order to build them up as a team, allowing for personal and group growth. See what Eclipse had to say about Team here.

They have successfully completed their first community project by participating in some painting work up at the Communityworks centre, receiving a very grateful chocolate cake as thanks! They have also received a letter of thanks from the Communityworks manager, Jane Lees.

See what Jane had to say!

They have started preparing for their two week work placements (which are scheduled for weeks 7 and 8) and organising their qualification folders. Placements have already been confirmed with Nandos, HFT and LEAP.

They have also been working on a small Halloween project, constructing little coffins down in the YMCA workshop – a very haunting task indeed.

Their next community project will have them decorating the café in the West Bowling Community Centre on 7th/8th November, where staff have graciously offered to cater for the team in order to support them through their task.

We hope things continue to pick up for Team when they return on 4th November for the start of their 6th week together!

Posted by Bradford YMCA Admin on Tuesday, 29 October @ 10:30

Apple Day: A Success Despite The Weather!

Well, that time of year has been and gone (almost 2 weeks ago and there’s still a lot of work to be done!) – the BEES team worked exceptionally hard as ever to bring you Apple Day in the Bowling Park Community Orchard.

Apple Day (Sunday 13th October) was a great success, with 400 people in attendance throughout the course of the day, despite the somewhat persistent rain. Staff and volunteers working throughout the day certainly agreed that Apple Day went really well, the majority echoing the comments of others with no need to explain themselves. It was a “relaxed and stress free” (Chris) day with “a very pleasant atmosphere” (Rob). It seems a lot of those working were surprised they made it home before 6pm for a change!

“Everyone I’ve happened to see since enjoyed themselves – I think by now many people know what to expect, we had some first timers as well though, and those who, for various reasons, couldn’t come were disappointed they’d missed it.” ~ Alison

There were a lot of activities running, including apple juicing, a jams and honey stall, Appley Café (which sold out completely after a few hours), baking competition (that certainly brought in some tasty results), longest peel competition, apple selling and apple tree stalls, art activities (that persevered despite a very busy and damp table), and apple and apple relish tasting. There was plenty to do and plenty of people around to make for an excellent event.

“As always, massive thanks to the washer uppers – a seriously unglamorous job that keeps the café going and to Protag without whom we couldn’t function.” ~ Chris

Well done everyone who worked through the damp weather and thank you to everyone for your support. Here’s to 2014!

Posted by Bradford YMCA Admin on Friday, 25 October @ 10:30

The Prince’s Trust Team 73 Final Presentation

July 4th saw the final presentation of the Prince’s Trust Team 73. It was an impressive turn out – more chairs had to be brought in and all eleven members of Team 73 choosing to stand aside for those wishing to watch their work pass by on the screen. In attendance were several members of external Prince’s Trust Staff, including the Executive of the Team Programme, Jeanette Foster, and two Prince’s Trust Job Ambassadors, Jimmy Gregory and James Kemp. There was even one of the employers who took on one of the team members during their 2 week work placement, Ian Bloomfield from Theatre in the Mill.

The presentation itself was a fantastic, well humoured example of the very definitive team focus that they had established and built on throughout the 12 weeks of the programme. It was apparent that they could all see how they’d grown as individuals as well as a team, even venturing so far as to having enjoyed things that they may not have ordinarily enjoyed. They also demonstrated an ability to work well under pressure, delivering an excellent presentation and answering some of the more difficult questions that were posed towards them.

The end of the presentation was wrapped up very nicely with succinct speeches from Kelly Dobson (Prince’s Trust Team Leader), Jeanette Foster and Paul Colley (CEO, Bradford YMCA) as well as a presentation within a presentation – Claire Powell receiving a token of the team’s appreciation in the form of flowers. It was very clear that Team 73 were more than a little appreciative of the support they received throughout the programme. Well done, guys and girls, and all the best in your future ventures! We’re expecting another excellent turn out when the next team to starts in September.

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