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Bradford YMCA Project of Shaping Spaces

Bradford YMCA is looking forward to help more young people tackle loneliness and improve emotional health and well being by going green. This Project is funded through the Building Connections Fund Youth strand, delivered by the Co-op Foundation.

Bradford based YMCA, is set to extend its Shaping Spaces project, after being awarded fund tackling youth loneliness.

The charity, which runs from the YMCA Culture Fusion building will work with a steering group of young people aged 16-25 who are not in education, employment or training to create, pilot and then run the extended project.

The project is expected to offer small group sessions such as physical activity in greenspaces ‘green exercise’, horticulture activities including gardening and tree planting and community social action projects.

For more details please read this post by Telegraph and Argus. 

Posted by YMCA Admin & Marketing Team on Monday, 14 January @ 14:53
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